Lighting of the Opera

Last weekend I had a photo shoot at the Detroit Opera House.


My model Eva is a talented Opera Singer out of Detroit so the DOH was unquestionably the best environment for this lifestyle photo shoot


These chandeliers are perfect for framing your subject!


I had a total of 4 lights and one reflector. I used the Westcott Spiderlight TD6 in all three of my softboxes and also in the 7′ umbrella. One main light, one hair light (umbrella), a TD6 lighting up the background, and a TD6 overhead¬† to provide a little fill light behind her.


One of my favorite parts about the Westcott TD6’s is the ability to change the bulb type. I used tungsten bulbs to balance the chandeliers in the background, had I not, the lights would come out bright yellow.

DetroitOperaHouse1 ______________________________________________________________________________


I also experimented with my new Varavon motorized Slidecam. I’m really not sure how I lived without this before! 31 inches long with variable speed. I can’t wait to show you all the quality videos this vital piece of equipment is going to help me make.


That’s all for today. Check back next week to see what I do this weekend!


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